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After 17+Chas has sold several properties for me and I couldn't have done any better with any other broker.


From recommending the price, to staging the house, with the expertise of an interior designer, to closing the deal, Chas is the professional who will keep you calm, informed, and advised, during the sale of your home.


He does his homework and is always prepared.


It's rare to find an expert in his/her field who is such a people person.


Contract with him! years of living in the Fairmount/Art Museum area of Philadelphia, I decided I wanted to sell my 3 story-townhouse and move to a high-rise condo in the Rittenhouse Square section of the city.  Chas knew just how to proceed.  He staged my house, getting it ready to put on the market and began helping me find the right condo.  My house went on the market and within 3 weeks there was a deal on the table and a settlement date 2 months down the road.  In the meantime, Chas took me to see many condos making sure that I found exactly what I wanted.  Within a couple of weeks I had found the right condo for me.  My settlements were on the same day – the house at 9 am and the condo at 11 am.  By noon, all was done.  One settlement in a day is a lot – two can be overwhelming.  Chas knew his business and that put my mind at ease.  Along with that, he constantly listened to what I needed/wanted and guided me in the right direction.  If you are looking for a realtor who knows the different neighborhoods in the Philly area, the many types of dwellings, along with a warm and engaging personality, Chas is the right choice. 

A_______________________________Seller and Buyer

Fairmount and Rittenhouse Square


Chas was phenomenal! He helped us navigate the exciting (and stressful) processes of both buying, and eventually selling our home-making them as painless as possible! Chas helped us with a smile on his face, and a witty comment to help us laugh! We would recommend Chas in a heartbeat to anyone in need of his service. 


Were neither I or Chas married, I would beg him to consider my proposal- solely on his ability to navigate the complex world of real estate (his charming personality is also a plus). I adore Chas, and he was spectacular to work with. 


C and I______Buyers and Sellers

Queen Village


At this point, we have listed and sold two houses and bought two houses with Chas as our agent.  We affectionately call him our real estate agent for life! Chas is patient, assesses our needs and finds properties that match those needs.  He has seen us grow into a family and helped us find our forever house in a neighborhood that we enjoy every time we walk out our front door.  He has provided guidance on how to sell two houses in very different markets and one sold before it was on the market and the other within 60 days of being on the market.  We appreciate all he has done for us and is the first phone call we make when our real estate needs arise.


E and L_________________2 time Sellers and 2 time Buyers

Manayunk and Elkins Park


We met Chas Hendricksen while preparing to sell a family home that had been the hub for all of our gatherings since 1950.   This was a situation complicated with emotional attachments and multiple (sibling) owners spread over large distances. 


Having met with several other agents, we were close to making a choice and Chas was able to meet with us on short notice.  We're not given to making snap decisions, yet we decided to sign with Chas within minutes of meeting him.    


His honesty, calm demeanor, confidence and professionalism were refreshing.  Chas' experience was invaluable throughout the process, and he saved us time and expense with his guidance.   During the weeks leading up to settlement, Chas proved himself more than capable in resolving some touchy familial issues with tact and diplomacy, and he was always available by phone to provide solid advice and counsel.  Chas managed all of this despite a flood, unreliable contractors, roof leaks, and other setbacks and minor disasters encountered along the way.  


We can’t say enough about what a pleasure it was working with this man.   We continue to recommend Chas to our friends and family, and would not hesitate to do so again.  


T and B______Sellers

Girard Estates


Hi, wanted to express a few words about my real estate agent  “Chas Hendrickson ” of Elfant Wissahickon Realtors.  I remember calling their office for information on home buying, as I was a renter of 33 years and had decided it was time to be a first time home owner. When speaking with Chas that initial day – we talked for a time about my needs, wants, and my realistic expectations on home buying in a “sellers’ market” in 2004. After that conversation with Chas, I felt that he was much attuned into what my needs were. We then went on a search to find my home. Chas kept me apprised of everything that hit the market in my designated areas of living. I felt like I had a partner working with me, solely to find a home that fit me – not one that I had to fit myself around.   After a few months of diligent searching, Chas found the perfect condo for me in West Mt Airy right down to the art deco facade of the bldg, crown moldings, beautiful living area, and the added bonus of indoor parking. It was like a dream come true. Once the contract was signed, Chas gave me a comprehensive list of dates to follow as to what needed to transpire, inspections to be completed by, and financial items I needed to have secured for settlement.  He had a timeline setup for me so that settlement would go smoothly, and it did.  I cannot tell you what a great experience this was for me.  I am totally happy in my surroundings, my condo, and much thanks and energy go to Chas for sticking by me during a hot “sellers’ market” and then finding the right home for me for the very best price.  Chas seems to have an innate sense of what properties are worth, what they will sell for and he was usually right.  I could go on and on, but bottom line is Chas is a gem, and anyone fortunate enough to work with him knows the same thing.  Good luck in all your future endeavors Chas,  you are truly an asset to your company, you love what  you do, and I wanted to let you know I consider you my friend who helped me achieve my dream. I love my house 14 years later, still wake up to the best sunrise and sunset in West Mt Airy and no shoveling snow in the winter.  Dreams do come true!


Mount Airy


"We worked with Chas when buying our first home last year and could not have been happier with the experience.  Aside from the standard bewildering maze that first-time homebuyers face, the apartment we ultimately selected had a seller in an atypical situation that added additional wrinkles and hurdles to the process.  Chas served as an expert educator, facilitator and sounding board through our entire home buying experience. We left every interaction with Chas feeling better, less stressed and more confident that we had someone on our side that not only would do an expert job, but someone who genuinely cared that we ended up with the perfect place for us and that our experience was a good one.  Having had the experience we had and having gotten to know Chas, we would never buy or sell a property with anyone else."


A and ME___Buyers

Society Hill



We can highly recommend Chas Hendricksen as a conscientious, knowledgeable, dependable and friendly realtor. My husband and I had to wait over two years to move into our new condo. Chas was always available to review any questions or details we needed as well as being super

patient and helping us through the rough spots of having difficulty waiting so long for our new home .

He is a “winner”!

MA and R______________Sellers and Buyers

Chestnut Hill and Mt Airy



Chas was very attentive to our needs and helped make the process of our move from out of state go very smoothly. Going out of the way to be available for us when we could make showings and being very patient as we looked at many many houses.


R and D___Buyers



Chas has helped me buy two buildings and sell one of them. He doesn’t just show you houses, he shows the right houses. And he’s an amazing guide through the process. He brings a level of empathy and intuition about people, deals, and buildings that is rare.

M________2 time Buyer and Seller

Mount Airy



“Most people find themselves in need of a real estate agent only a few times during the course of their lives. In the last 30 years my wife and I bought and later sold 3 residential properties in the Philly area. For house purchase #4 an old friend (my very first agent) recommended that I partner with Chas Hendricksen. From day-1 Chas and I clicked. He gave me the space to communicate my needs, always listened attentively, and was ready with perceptive advice and emotional support whenever I found myself buckling under the pressure of home buying. Chas is an experienced professional as well as an extraordinarily good natured person with a strong social conscience and a commitment to ethical practice. He started as my real estate agent; now he is my friend too.”


Mount Airy



"As a first-time home buyer who had never had so much as a car loan before, I was extremely stressed and nervous about the process and the potential of not finding something in my budget that was right for me. Chas put my fears at ease with his cheerful and calm approach reassuring me that I would find what I was looking for -- and also being even more realistic than I was about what I needed or could handle in a house. He gave me experienced advice, and each step, from thinking about my priorities to signing my mortgage, was managed smoothly thanks to him. I really feel that finding my home (where I still live happily 4 years later) without giving up or despairing was thanks entirely to Chas's capable help and guidance. Whenever a friend mentions that they are thinking of buying a house, I make sure to steer them his way."



South Philadelphia


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